Enhancing Employee Productivity on the Job Site

Employee productivity is a vital metric that workplaces measure to ensure important tasks are getting accomplished. These tasks vary greatly depending on the type of work you are in. In construction, these tasks include bricklaying, pouring concrete, hanging drywall, etc. There are several ways to measure productivity, but how do we identify factors that affect labor productivity in construction and remedy them?

True Cloud-based Solution vs. "In the Cloud"

It’s 2018. A lot of companies in construction, and in general, claim to be “in the cloud.” However, what qualifies a business as truly cloud-based? hh2 Cloud Services is a true cloud-based service that offers its customers solutions that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

How To Choose A Great Cloud-based Solution

Have you ever considered how cloud-based solutions can help you or your company be more efficient at completing your daily tasks? It is important to realize that not all cloud-based services are created equally. Outlined are some important standards to use when seeking online solutions to fill the roles of work performed.

hh2 Exhibits at TUG 2018 in Orlando

hh2 Cloud Services recently attended the 2018 TUG National Users Conference held in Orlando this last week. It was a great opportunity for our team to connect with our current customers and to demonstrate our extensive line of cloud based services to potential customers.

Jayme Woodhouse - VP of Customer Support

Jayme Woodhouse oversees the entire operation of customer support and implementation. He helps to facilitate the process between when a customer signs up for an hh2 product, and ensuring they have a great onboarding experience implementing and using hh2 Cloud Services.

Support Spotlight: Jason Morrison

Jason Morrison is the Director of Project Implementations & Trainings and has been with hh2 Cloud Services for almost 10 1/2 years. His passion involves getting new customers up and running with their cloud base services and training their staff.

Case Study: Fahs Construction

Fahs has been in business since 1954, getting its start as a painting contractor. Today, the New York-based company has three divisions: General Construction, Private Development, and Commercial Paving. Among their resume are houses, restaurants, schools...