Jayme Woodhouse - VP of Customer Support

Jayme Woodhouse oversees the entire operation of customer support and implementation. He helps to facilitate the process between when a customer signs up for an hh2 product, and ensuring they have a great onboarding experience implementing and using hh2 Cloud Services.

Support Spotlight: Jason Morrison

Jason Morrison is the Director of Project Implementations & Trainings and has been with hh2 Cloud Services for almost 10 1/2 years. His passion involves getting new customers up and running with their cloud base services and training their staff.

Case Study: Fahs Construction

Fahs has been in business since 1954, getting its start as a painting contractor. Today, the New York-based company has three divisions: General Construction, Private Development, and Commercial Paving. Among their resume are houses, restaurants, schools...

Support Team Spotlight: Tara Liston

As part of the support team, I answer support calls and tickets to troubleshoot potential defects, guide our customers in the right direction in their hh2 site or on the app if they are having trouble finding something, or...