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Sustainability for Construction

Construction's significant impact on the environment. How technology and sustainable materials can help reduce emissions, waste, and. carbon emissions that come from buildings.

How to Solve Sustainability? Data is the Solution Says Procore’s CEO

Procore Technologies, Inc. CEO, Tooey Courtemanche, stated that construction technology is the key to unlocking a more climate-conscious construction industry.

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Should Wooden Construction Be Considered Sustainable?

The publication Arch Daily recently published an op-ed questioning the long-held belief that using wood in construction is a more sustainable, more environmentally-friendly method. Wood is a renewable resource, which other materials, like steel and concrete, are not.

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New Product Nexiite Efficient Alternative to Concrete

The new Canadian company Nexii has created a material that is 33% more energy efficient than concrete and that allows for rapid construction of buildings—including small, medium, and large structures. Based in British Columbia, the company says its new building material, combined with an improved design and assembly process, allows for buildings that are cost-efficient, durable and even disaster-resistant.

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Is Fungus the Future of Sustainable Building?

Has a new technology has turned the sustainable construction field on its head: fungus?

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: More than Just a Slogan

A slogan that we heard as kids in school has entered a more professional lexicon: the world of architecture. Now it’s taking on a whole new meaning as modern architects increasingly look for ways to make their buildings environmentally friendly, cheaper, and even more beautiful.

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