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Mobile Remote Payroll Solution by hh2

hh2 Remote Payroll's mobile construction timesheets reduce the time to collect payroll by up to 70%. Seamless Integration with your construction accounting system.

Cost Codes: An Abstraction of the General Ledger

In any industry, tracking costs contributes a critical factor to bottom-line accounting. Capturing costs in the construction vertical becomes essential due to the countless phases and changes a project can undergo; they directly affect a project's profitability.

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The Secret Value of Mobile Construction Timesheets - Improved Productivity

A recent study shows that people primarily access the internet on mobile devices. This translates to the construction industry, where employees constantly access documents and data on smart phones and tablets.

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Paper Time and Attendance — Why Are Construction Companies Still Using It?

ConstrucTech, in a study, found that approximately 80% of construction companies still use paper-based time and attendance systems. Some businesses can’t let go of outdated practices, even with modern alternatives available.

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Enhancing Employee Productivity on the Job Site

Employee productivity is a vital metric that workplaces measure to ensure important tasks are getting accomplished. In construction, these tasks include bricklaying, pouring concrete, hanging drywall, etc.

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How to Choose a Great Cloud-Based Solution

Have you ever considered how cloud-based solutions can help you or your company be more efficient at completing your daily tasks? It is important to realize that not all cloud-based services are created equally.

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Case Study: NEI General Contracting Improves Quality and Consistency of Payroll with hh2 Cloud Services

For NEI General Contracting, Remote Payroll has changed how the company processes payroll—and has cut the amount of time in half.

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Take Control with hh2’s Unit Production Worksheet

If you work in construction, you need to record unit production and percent completes. Now, construction laborers can take complete control of their work when and where they need to—in the field.

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Seven Reasons to Switch to hh2 Remote Payroll

If you're in the construction industry, we have seven great reasons how hh2 Cloud Services will give you total, customizable control over all aspects of your time entry.

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Does your Construction Time Tracking Solution Integrate with your Accounting System?

The construction industry typically runs on razor-thin profit margins from project to project, and accurate bidding keeps profits from vanishing. A time tracking system that doesn’t integrate with accounting diminishes the accuracy of labor recorded on a project.

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Tech Solutions Solving Labor Shortage Issues?

Despite the recent growth of construction jobs, a labor shortage remains, especially with small contractors and businesses. In September, the National Federation of Independent Business reported that 51% of small business owners couldn't fill job openings, more than double the 22% historical average.

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"Spreadsheets Are Crushing Project Managers," Article States

Businesses continue to use spreadsheets as practical tools. Most agree that Excel offers a robust solution. But an article in Construction Dive poses that too many spreadsheets and not enough automation cause difficulty for construction project managers.

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Construction Industry Lagging behind Technologically — Digital Solutions Can Help

Despite being one of the largest sectors of the global economy, the construction industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies; this leads to shortfalls in productivity. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, "Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity," labor productivity across all sectors has grown by 2.8% in the last 20 years, but construction productivity has only increased by 1%.

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Accelerate Your Workflow With hh2 Equipment Time Tracking

Coding time is easier than ever with hh2 Cloud Services’ Remote Payroll solution. Employees are able to not only code their labor time but their equipment time as well.

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Record the Time You Are Using Equipment On-Site for Equipment Revenue

hh2 Remote Payroll allows you to record equipment revenue—the time that you are using a piece of equipment on the job site. Getting equipment time entered on a regular basis can be problematic.

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