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In Addition to Loss of Trade Workers, the Construction Industry Also Needs Architects

Ten years ago when the economy dropped, not only did many workers leave the industry, but many students fled the architecture and surveying programs in college. Now, when those students would normally be maturing in the job field, there is a stunning lack of experienced and new people to fill those roles.

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How Employee Recognition Lends to a Better Job Site

When is the last time you said thank you to your employees? Studies show it pays off! A recent study conducted by the University of Warwick shows that employees who feel recognized are happier in the workplace...

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Business is Great--for the Skilled Worker

Historically, summer is the boom time of housing construction. But this year it’s not. We wrote in a recent piece about the low unemployment rate had dropped to 4.5%. And in some states it’s much lower than...

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Work is such a Crick in the Neck

If you are like me and sit at a desk all day, you may also have a sore neck and a backside that resembles your office chair. Media splashes news of the negative effects sitting all day can cause. Dr. James Levine...

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Keeping it Professional: How To Be The Best Version of You

I have found through my personal experience that becoming a professional in life requires special attention to detail. It’s the small things that produce big results. Being a professional and...

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