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Accounting for Construction

Construction accounting best practices and information, including tips for hh2 Cloud Services products. Topics include job codes, job costing, and connecting accounting platforms to the cloud.

Cost Codes: An Abstraction of the General Ledger

In any industry, tracking costs contributes a critical factor to bottom-line accounting. Capturing costs in the construction vertical becomes essential due to the countless phases and changes a project can undergo; they directly affect a project's profitability.

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10 Board-worthy Business Reasons for Blockchain in Construction

PART TWO: In Part One of this three-part series, we defined blockchain, general benefits, and the challenges for use in construction. In this second part, we want to go beyond the field and the office and share board-worthy business reasons for blockchain.

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Why is Certified Payroll So Important to Construction?

Should your company win a federally funded construction project, you must understand government-imposed payroll practice regulations. To adhere to these standards, contractors must document wages in a certified payroll report.

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Seven Reasons to Switch to hh2 Remote Payroll

If you're in the construction industry, we have seven great reasons how hh2 Cloud Services will give you total, customizable control over all aspects of your time entry.

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Does your Construction Time Tracking Solution Integrate with your Accounting System?

The construction industry typically runs on razor-thin profit margins from project to project, and accurate bidding keeps profits from vanishing. A time tracking system that doesn’t integrate with accounting diminishes the accuracy of labor recorded on a project.

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Updating Sage Accounting Systems

hh2 was designed from the ground up to sync with Sage accounting, specifically Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, and Sage 100 Contractor. Essentials for updating these systems.

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