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BIM, the Virtual Cornerstone of Construction

Articles discussing Building Information Modeling (BIM) potentials for 3-D models for design, construction, project management, building operations, maintenance, and more.

How to Set Up Blockchain for Your Construction Company

PART THREE: In Part One of this three-part series we discussed the potential blockchain ‘revolution’ for construction. In Part Two, we shared board-worthy business reasons for using blockchain. Now, let’s explore resources to help set up blockchain for your company. 

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Integrating Technology Boosts Construction Efficiency

The construction industry is a technology laggard, but some experts see new interest in innovations. Owners are realizing that integrating technology increases construction efficiency.

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Robotic Construction System Combines BIM with Speed

Purdue University presented a new robot at the 2021 Technology Showcase: The State of Innovation. The new design integrates BIM (building information modeling) and construction robotics in a new way to reduce the time it takes to complete basic tasks and to make up for labor shortages.

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