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Enhancing Employee Productivity on the Job Site

Employee productivity is a vital metric that workplaces measure to ensure important tasks are getting accomplished. In construction, these tasks include bricklaying, pouring concrete, hanging drywall, etc.

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How to Choose a Great Cloud-Based Solution

Have you ever considered how cloud-based solutions can help you or your company be more efficient at completing your daily tasks? It is important to realize that not all cloud-based services are created equally.

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Case Study: NEI General Contracting Improves Quality and Consistency of Payroll with hh2 Cloud Services

For NEI General Contracting, Remote Payroll has changed how the company processes payroll—and has cut the amount of time in half.

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Take Control with hh2’s Unit Production Worksheet

If you work in construction, you need to record unit production and percent completes. Now, construction laborers can take complete control of their work when and where they need to—in the field.

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Seven Reasons to Switch to hh2 Remote Payroll

If you're in the construction industry, we have seven great reasons how hh2 Cloud Services will give you total, customizable control over all aspects of your time entry.

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Tech Solutions Solving Labor Shortage Issues?

Despite the recent growth of construction jobs, a labor shortage remains, especially with small contractors and businesses. In September, the National Federation of Independent Business reported that 51% of small business owners couldn't fill job openings, more than double the 22% historical average.

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"Spreadsheets Are Crushing Project Managers," Article States

Businesses continue to use spreadsheets as practical tools. Most agree that Excel offers a robust solution. But an article this week in Construction Dive poses that too many spreadsheets and not enough automation cause difficulty for construction project managers. In addition, project managers do more business these days on smartphones and tablets. Excel doesn't offer the simplicity needed in this business environment.

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Construction Technology Helping Industry Power Through Labor Shortage

The labor shortage remains a thorn in the side of construction companies. Forbes reports that construction experiences more impact due to this issue than any other sector, including hospitality and tourism.

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Construction Industry Lagging Behind Technologically. Here's One Way to Save Time and Money

Despite being one of the largest sectors of the global economy, the construction industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies; this leads to shortfalls in productivity. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, "Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity," labor productivity across all sectors has grown by 2.8% in the last 20 years, but construction productivity has only increased by 1%.

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Mobile Apps Springing Up Across Jobsites

Mobile apps for construction technology are hh2’s bread and butter, but you may be surprised to learn just how prevalent mobile apps are in the construction workforce.

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Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Technology and Labor

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about two things: the slow, but increasing acceptance of technology into the construction industry, and the drastic labor shortage of skilled workers. But it may just be that the improvement of one will improve both.

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New Jobsite Technology Can Help Contractors Avoid Lawsuits

Every contractor fears an unknown problem leading to a lawsuit, and new technologies are being introduced more and more to combat those fears and safeguard contractors. Three main categories of technologies are coming forward: scheduling software, 3D modeling tools, and data collection devices.

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Three Industry Disruptors Coming in the Next Decade

In a recent meeting of the American Concrete Institute, Brian Moore of the FMI Institute stated that the future is changing and that there are three factors that will either make or break a construction company in the next ten years.

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Can the Internet of Things Revolutionize Construction?

Construction workers account for 7% of the world’s workforce, but in a world where robotics is replacing people’s jobs, these workers seem relatively safe. Why? According to an article in TechTarget, it’s because the industry isn’t adopting new technology fast enough.

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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Hadley - VP of Sales

Introducing Kevin Hadley! Kevin is one of many valued employees at hh2. He serves as the vice president of the Sales Department. He has been with hh2 for more than 13 years. Kevin’s day to day consists of working...

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Employee Spotlight: Sidney Coleman - Customer Service Specialist

Introducing Sidney Coleman, one of hh2 Cloud Services’ customer service specialists! Sidney is a part of the customer support team and has been at hh2 since April of 2018. Current customers may have had the opportunity...

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Record the Time You Are Using Equipment On-Site for Equipment Revenue

hh2 Remote Payroll allows you to record equipment revenue—the time that you are using a piece of equipment on the job site. Getting equipment time entered on a regular basis can be problematic.

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