World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building to be Built in Australia

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Robison Wells
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Australian software company Atlassian is putting its new headquarters in a mass timber and steel 40-story building, which will be the world’s tallest “hybrid tower.”

Mass timber is made by fusing layers of wood, and the structures can act like carbon sinks within city ecosystems. The Atlassian design will have a steel and glass exterior and be 590 feet tall, with several layers of cascading rooftop gardens.

Aside from being carbon neutral, the building will also run completely on renewable energy, architects say. The windows will self-shade to reduce radiant warming and the entire building will be fitted with solar panels. (Australia leads the world in solar and other renewable energy.)

"Cross-laminated timber is an incredibly green material, and it helps us avoid massive amounts of concrete and steel," Atlassian workplace experience head Scott Hazard told the Sydney Morning Herald. These structures usually use a small amount of steel for core structural elements and then build out mass timber where possible, like the wooden dowels that help to hold up multi-tier cakes.

The announced plans fit into what seems like a growth cycle for a company that was already doing well this year. Atlassian is responsible for project management software Trello and Jira as well as version control software Bitbucket. In March, it partnered with the Australian government to make an app to widely distribute COVID-19 information to the public. In May, Atlassian acquired a Slack-powered help desk company called Halp.

For now, these building plans are just an announcement and an artist’s rendering. In the near future, Atlassian will have to release more details about the structure and how it plans to develop it. The company also hasn’t released how much it believes the building will cost.

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