Woman Hired to Solve Construction Embezzlement Gets Arrested for Embezzlement

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Robison Wells

Construction company No Limits Construction might need to revisit their hiring practices and do some more background checking on their new employees.

What started as a minor disaster turned into an embarrassing repeat, leaving the company in dire straights and two people going to jail.

A prior bookkeeper for No Limits Construction had embezzled $150,000 from the company last year and was caught and arrested. In an effort to clean up the books and get the company back on the level, a new bookkeeper was brought in to the company, Vanessa Cline, 33.

Instead of cleaning up the problem, she proceeded to embezzle an additional $100,000 from the company, which court documents say she used to pay for plastic surgery, a wedding planner, an AirBnB in Florida, airline tickets, groceries, furniture, and an ATV. She had about $10,000 in her checking account which was seized in the investigation.

Cline pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement, forgery, and passing a forged document. In exchange for the plea, 10 other charges were dropped. She will be sentenced on September 10th, 2020.

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