Unexploded WW2 Ordnance Found by Construction Crew in DC

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Robison Wells
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Construction workers got more than they bargained for this week while doing routine construction work on a park in Washington DC—they discovered an undetonated World War 2 era bomb.

The work was being done at a park trail in Ft. Totten Park in Washington on Wednesday, July 22nd, the National Park Service reported. The neighborhood of Michigan Park was closed to the public due to safety concerns and the area has been marked with warning tape and signs.

Park Police and the Metropolitan Police Department were notified of the unexploded ordnance which was found after a heavy rain.

The US Army is currently examining the bomb and is expected to transport it to the Marine Corp Base at Quantico where it will be destroyed.

The construction of the park has been put on hold. Officials are planning to reexamine the area and determine if there is potential for further dangerous finds. It is unclear at this time how the munition had been overlooked, though the park had been used for training during the preparation for World War 2.

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