“Uber of Construction” Raises $6 Million in Funding

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Rob Wells

Uber of Construction

Curri, a new company referred to as the “Uber of Construction,” gains investors as it seeks to disrupt a stagnant distribution model.

Curri’s service provides on-demand delivery to job sites, featuring the latest technology in trucking. They offer a variety of vehicle types, including pipe-racks and flatbeds. Customers order deliveries through an app; Curri drivers pick up the supplies and provide live tracking and real-time updates.

Curri is already available nationwide, six days a week. They deliver anything, from pipes to appliances to lumber. Drivers undergo background checks. Curri insures deliveries up to $25,000.

According to Capgemini Research Institute, last-mile logistics make up the most expensive and time-consuming part of shipping, accounting for 53% of total shipping costs and 41% of total supply chain costs.

Curri plans to use its recent funding to expand its network and market reach.

On-demand delivery services for everything from passengers to food and retail goods delivery have increased their customer bases; Curri claims status as the first on-demand app that caters to the construction industry.

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