Top Ten Construction-Related Podcasts

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Robison Wells

While we try to keep you informed on construction news, there’s so much that we at PowerTools can’t cover. Here is a list of ten great construction-related podcasts that can help you keep abreast of everything newsworthy in the industry.

Build Better with Anastasia Barnes

Every other week, Anastasia Barnes, of High-Profile Monthly, interviews “the people behind the buildings.” The focuses on the architecture, engineering, and construction industry’s technology and innovation.

Buildings Podcast

This short podcast (from four to thirty minutes) gives a quick dive into the topics of the day, from facility management to green technology.

A Viewpoint on Construction

This show looks at the big ideas and themes that emerge from the industry, with a focus on innovation and big concepts. Shows have talked about issues like big tech and sexual harassment.

Mass Construction Show

Hosted by Joe Kelly, a consultant from Mass Construction, a Massachusetts-based company, this show covers real estate, code, risk management, technology and more. With many interviews of locals, this show gives special insight into New England construction.

Construction Shared Pains Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Sasha Reed, Nathan Wood, and Dan Smolilo, reports on big topics and lets the hosts discuss and debate from their own experiences. A recent example was the show “Diversity, But Why?”

The Construction Management Podcast

This show is focused on how to advance your career in construction management. The hosts share their experiences, and bring in guests that can add to this vision.

Let’s Fix Construction

This podcast is about finding solutions to common problems, and separating fact from fiction, combating misconceptions.

Beyond CAD by Civil FX

This technology and innovation-focused podcast highlights a new advancement, technology, software, or invention that changes the face of the industry.

Conversations Around the Corner

This podcast interviews CEOs of the biggest construction firms around the country, with an emphasis on career advancement and management.

Constructor Cast

This monthly podcast goes through industry news, innovations, and highlights. Recent shows have included how to handle a crisis and risk management.

All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes, GooglePlay, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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