Top Construction Projects to Watch in 2020

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Robison Wells
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Construction Dive has put out their top six construction projects to watch in the coming year. They’re wide and varied, but each is interesting and will be making headlines.

Denver International Airport Renovation

Torn in a number of ways by business deals that have appeared and disappeared, the Denver International Airport—which was an engineering feat troubled with problem after problem when it was initially built—is moving forward on a renovation that will cost $770 million and will be completed in 2024. The expansion will include an expansion of the ticketing and check-in areas, widening the balconies to make room for a new security checkpoint, upgrading and modernizing the escalators, adding new restrooms, upgrading the HVAC, lighting and fire alarms.

New York City transit upgrades

With a transit system that moves more than 3 billion people a year, the NYC transit (subway and elevated trains) system is in dire need of a rehaul, but doing so is going to be a gargantuan, and aggravating, process. There is the $11.3 billion Gateway Tunnel which will connect New York City to New Jersey, which is waiting on federal funding, but there is also the $2.1 billion AirTrain that takes passengers from LaGuardia to MidTown. There’s also a proposed plan for the renovation of Penn Station, which hasn’t been approved and is likely to cost in the billions—and be a major headache for commuters.

Foxconn’s Wisconsin manufacturing campus

In 2017, President Trump announced that a $10 billion dollar deal had been struck with Terry Gou, the founder of Taiwanese electronics firm Foxconn. Since then $3 billion in tax incentives have been raised for the Mount Pleasant project. Some questions remain in the air, as the company has not made good on its commitments in investing in American jobs, so funds are being held up. If approved, the manufacturing facility will cover 14 football fields.

Las Vegas Convention Center people mover

In November, Elon Musk’s tunneling company, The Boring Co, began underground construction for a $52.5 million people mover for the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 1.5 mile-long tunnel will move 4,400 passengers per hour on a 1.5 mile track. Musk has said that the tunnel will open this year, ahead of the convention center that is scheduled for a 2021 completion date.

US-Mexico Border Wall

While the wall has been the source of much controversy, funding appears to be taking shape in more substantial ways, including a $6.1 billion funding diversion last year, which included money from military construction projects and counternarcotic funds—funds that Trump has argued are perfectly suited to building this wall. With $3.5 billion more coming from anti-drug funding this year, and $1.4 billion coming from congress, it looks like construction on the wall can begin in earnest. The project is estimated to cost $11 billion when it is complete.

New Crystal Lagoons projects

Crystal Lagoons turquoise water features are popular around the world, but a $1 billion project in Rowlett, TX, is garnering some notice for making a little landlocked piece of paradise. Other projects that Crystal Lagoons is taking on include Lago Mar, a community near Texas City, TX, Esplanade, a development in Pittsburgh, and Avenir, a mixed-use project in Palm Beach, Florida.

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