Tiny House Architecture Competition Call for Entries

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Robison Wells
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The Tiny House Movement has been going for more than a decade. Recent world events have motivated some architects, builders and homeowners to build small, and a new competition is inviting any and all designers to make their mark.

With a new focus on mobility of location and sustainability of resources and demand for homes—particularly outside of the cities—is increasing, tiny homes are seeing a renaissance. Built for the ability to pack everything a person, couple, or family needs into a small, yet mobile space, these dwellings focus on only the essentials.

A new competition from Volume Zero with the name “Living Small, Yet Living It All!” has been announced and is inviting designers and architects to design to the following specifications:

The home has to be mobile. While it does not have to drive itself, it needs to have the ability to at least be towed.

It must be no more than 300 square feet.

It must contain the following spaces: living area, sleeping area for two, cooking and dining area, toilet space, workspace, recreation space, and any other function that the designer wishes to highlight.

The prize offers $4000 in winnings and publication of the design in the Volume Zero magazine. The deadline for entries is December 18th.  You can find more information at volumezerocompetitions.com.

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