ThyssenKrupp Reveals Revolutionary New Elevator System

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Robison Wells
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No cables. Horizontal and vertical movement. It’s being called a revolution in skyscraper construction. “MULTI” is the name of this new system, which has been referred to “like a metro system inside a building.”

No ropes or cables are needed—this uses the technology of Maglev trains (“Maglev” standing for “Magnetic Levitation.” Maglev trains are in use in China, South Korea and Japan, and they boast not only a smoother ride—there are no wheels, so there’s nothing to bounce the train—and they’re fast: MULTI boasts that its elevators can move at 59 feet per second.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG CEO Andreas Schierenbeck said “We believe MULTI is a genuine game changer that will truly transform the way people move, work, and live in our built environment. It will reduce waiting times for passengers and take up significantly less space within the building.” MULTI also uses up to 60% less energy as standard elevators.

There is no height limit, and the horizontal movement opens up possibilities such as elevators that link several skyscrapers together.

That 60% energy savings isn’t going to offset the costs yet, though. MULTI currently costs five times what a standard elevator costs. But already one building, the OVG Real Estate building in Berlin’s East Side Tower, has already signed on. The building is expected to be completed in 2019.

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