Three Reasons for the Most Common Construction Mistakes

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Robison Wells

A study from McKinsey reported that a large majority of projects miss their deadlines by 40% or more, which causes all sorts of headaches—most of them financial. Some of the most common reasons for construction mistakes are:

1. Bad Design: if a project is designed wrong from the beginning, then it’s going to cause problems throughout the process, every step along the way. This often comes from rushed designs or working off the wrong set of plans. The good thing is that there are growing technological solutions to address these problems. Including BIM (Building Information Modeling), which allows the builder, engineers, architects, designers, and owners to all look at the project in real-time and watch for errors.

2. Ineffective Management: in a study done by PriceWaterhouse Coopers, only 2.5% of the 10,460 projects they analyzed were completed on time. More prominent builders have begun using dedicated coordination specialists to act as a go-between between the many different groups that function as part of a construction team. This central person keeps the big picture in mind and can give course correction to individual contractors diverging from the plans.

3. Labor Shortage: we have written many articles that speak about labor shortages, and they are a cause for errors. When workers are spread too thin or working outside their field of expertise, mistakes are bound to happen.

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