Thermal Cameras Monitor Workers’ Health on a Job Site

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Robison Wells

The IT Network and security company Brash Concepts has begun adding thermal cameras to jobsites in New York City. The cameras measure the body temperature of workers to identify who may be running a fever (an early warning sign of COVID-19).

The cameras are already at one job site and will be added to three more by the end of the week. They are set to recognize a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The company added that the next step will be introducing facial recognition software so that sick employees can be identified more easily, even—they hope—when wearing a mask.

“While new technologies can efficiently track and record these data points, where is the line in regard to what is public information, what is private information and what exactly can companies do with recorded data?” Matt Abeles, VP of construction technology for Associated Builders and Contractors said.

Answering and understanding those questions before companies implement any of these technologies is extremely important, he added.

“In addition, employers need to be up to date on that guidance, as well as understand what employees can be tested for and what notice needs to be given to employees.”

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