The Construction Industry is Demanding More Tech Vocations

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Robison Wells

The construction world has been slow to adapt to new technology but in recent years the boundaries of what is possible continue to be pushed. The problem, experts say, is finding people who are skilled in both the tech world and the construction world. It’s a rare skill set, but it’s becoming increasingly in demand as everything from BIM to robotics to virtual reality devices are pounding on the door of the industry.

“Our associate project managers are really having to learn how to use all the different software together, and how to leverage it because the databases are just becoming bigger and bigger,” said Kar Ho, virtual design and construction manager at Current Builders, told Construction Dive. “If you look at something like Procore, that’s not just project management anymore. It’s the accounting, and the BIM that’s on there as well. You have to be able to adapt to manage that large of a database, and operate within that environment.”

The experts say to look to the big construction companies to lead the way. They’re most likely to have Chief Innovation Officers, but mid-sized and smaller companies need to be on their toes because they don’t want the big guys to overwhelm them with cutting edge technology.

They say the key is finding the perfect-fit employee who has a complete understanding of the increasingly diverse world of construction tech and the principles of sound construction know-how and project management.

“It’s someone who knows how to do coding, and they also know something about building and construction, and then they know something about construction tech,” Krause from Clark Construction says. “That’s a hard mix to find.”

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