Tesla Begins Construction on World’s Largest Battery Bank

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Robison Wells
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Tesla, the company behind the electric cars and the SpaceX launch vehicle that safely sent astronauts to the International Space Station and brought them back safely to earth, is now turning its eye onto the most substantial ever energy storage system, in Moss Landing, California.

The massive battery farm is estimated to harness 730 Megawatt-hours of energy, which the electrical grid could use to cease blackouts and brownouts. It’s estimated that the facility could provide enough electricity to keep the city of San Francisco up and running for six hours.

The facility, expected to come online in 2021, will be designed, maintained and constructed by PG&E.

IF the facility is expanded, as per current plans to an increased 1.2GW capacity, the storage capacity will be ten times that of the next largest energy storage facility in the world, the Australian Hornsdale Power Station (another Tesla project). The largest non-Tesla storage facility is in Britain, at 50 MW.

Tesla claims to be investing in the future with this construction project, as their long-term futurists foresee a “green shift” that would see oil and gas production shrink by 40% over the next decade, while renewable investments will increase by a factor of ten.

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