South Korea Begins Automated Construction Project for Smart Cities

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Robison Wells

South Korea has started a six-month demonstration of automated construction technologies in the city of Sejong. Planners built this city on a massive “smart city platform” designed to test future tech.

Designers enabled the smart city with wireless networks including 4G, 5G, WiFi, and internet of things (IoT) communication technologies. In addition, sensors and cameras connect with control towers to monitor every part of the city in real-time.

Others use this platform to test self-driving cars, drones, and now automated construction equipment. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport released a statement that said the equipment would begin work on November 1st.

The first project will use machine guidance (MG) and machine control (MC) to excavate and remove 230,000 cubic meters of earth. In the Ministry’s statement, they said that this project would take the equivalent of 15,000 trips of a 25-ton truck.

The Korea Land and Housing Corporation, a state corporation responsible for land development, plans to spearhead the demonstrations. Begun in 2018 with BIM technology, the project will use drones and sensors to monitor ongoing work. Analysts plan to collect and evaluate data to determine if the project is worth pursuing.

South Korea has already been working with this technology; Busan Port authorities test autonomous cargo trucks and remote-controlled tower cranes.

A cutting-edge, large-scale testing facility in South Korea could help inject innovations into the construction industry.

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