Some of the World’s Scariest Buildings

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Robison Wells
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From museums to houses to office buildings, these structures are designed to not only serve their function but to surprise, intimidate, and even scare.

Sao Paolo’s Federation of Industries of the State handles the issues of Brazil’s trade unions. The building, built at an almost pyramidical slope, with huge cantilevers at ground level, looks like it would be comfortable in Blade Runner, not a modern industrialized South American City.

The Gdansk Shakespeare Theater looks nothing like the inviting Globe Theater that Shakespeare made famous. This 2014 design looks more like some kind of cross between early 20th century modernism and a medieval castle. Its imposing exterior hides a very welcoming interior that makes it a wonderful exhibition hall for great performances.

Singapore, a city known for its almost Disneyland-like cleanliness and inventive architecture, has built the Supertree Grove near the Marina Bay Sands. The “trees” grow anywhere from 82 to 164 feet tall, and provide shade during the day while creating a spectacle of color at night.

Bangkok may not be the first city you think of when you’re looking for inventive architecture, but the Ole Scheeren-designed MahaNakhon skyscraper looks almost like they took a standard steel-and-glass high rise and corroded it with acid. Parts of the building are eroded away, revealing brightly-lit dwellings inside.

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