Smart Phones and Mobile Devices are All Over the Jobsite—Do they Integrate?

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Robison Wells

When it comes to using technology on a jobsite, smart phones are the go-to device. Nearly 93% of respondents to the JBKnowledge ConTech report said they use smart phones for their work, more than laptops (83%) and tablets (64%). The use of smart phones by construction professionals has grown nearly 21%.

Top apps include photo/video management, tool tracking, time management, BIM viewing files, and plan and project management. One type of app in particular—those for safety management—experienced the largest rise in usage over the year at 4%.

But as smartphones gain presence on the site, do those apps actually talk to larger, more robust management softwares?

With so many application, the study noted, app fatigue is a common problem in the industry. Many admitted to using only five or dix apps though they may have twenty downloaded. “Contractors find that there is a pressure to use specialized apps for every task.”

"In the construction industry, the dilemma is there is not a one-size-fits-all app so builders are forced to use many different apps," she said. "When the different apps do not integrate or talk to each other, builders will have to enter the same information or repeat processes."

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