Shooting at Construction Site Highlights Dangers Faced by Workers

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Robison Wells
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A shooting at a Culver City, California, construction site this week shows how dangerous an already dangerous profession can be. Construction, which hosts a number of the most dangerous jobs in the workforce, including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and more, has always been a risky business. The general laborer is the 17th most dangerous job in America, while roofers are at #4, heavy machine operators are at #8, and steelworkers at #9. (The most dangerous jobs remain in the logging industry.)

But while electrocution and falling dangers are highlighted in construction safety meetings, and plans are put into place to prevent their happening, few construction companies have a plan in place for an active shooter.

The shooting in Culver City happened in the afternoon. A group of construction workers were working and got into an argument with a man who approached the men (it is not immediately clear what the man approached them about.) After leaving the scene, the man returned at 12:15 pm with a semi-automatic handgun and began shooting at the workers.

In a stroke of good luck, no one was injured in the shooting. The man got into a Ford Explorer and fled the scene, according to police.

Three hours later, police apprehended the man, thanks to photos taken by witnesses of both the man and his vehicle. He was listed as a 37-year-old male and was arrested for suspicion of attempted murder.


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