Ringing In The New Year With New Designs

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Robison Wells
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There are many shake ups in the world of architecture in the last year. Africa’s tallest building was completed. Europe’s first underwater restaurant launched. Architects and regular citizens alike watched in horror as the Notre Dame de Paris burned.

But the only constant is change, and there is much to be excited about in the future. Here are a sample of the projects looking to be completed in the new year, ringing in 2020 with architectural and engineering innovation.

Vancouver House, Vancouver, Canada

Appearing to defy the laws of gravity, the Vancouver house expands from a triangular base to a rectangular top. It’s an architectural leap from a man who brought us a ski slope on a power plant in Copenhagen, but it’s also a smart solution to building codes that limit the footprint of buildings on the ground—by starting with a smaller base and building out and up, it maintains a large space while keeping the regulations on the ground in tact. A 493-foot tower, it is designed by Bjarke Ingels.

Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, Nanjing, China

Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese “Shanshui” paintings (translated as “mountain and water”) these curved creations merge nature with the environment. With white fins that evoke cold mountain peaks, and flowing lines described as “philosophy of cooperation between humanity and nature.” At ground level, six buildings are connected by foot bridges and man-made streams. In a culture pushing more conservative architecture, it’s impressive to see what bold new looks can make.

Opus, Dubai, UAE

Although she died three years ago, architect Zaha Hadid continues to shake things up in the male-dominated Islamic engineering scene, Hadid’s design is coming to completion. Characterized by a large asymmetric hole in the center, the large cube has a unique profile that cannot be mistaken. The structure is a hotel as well as office space and restaurants. Despite being just a kilometer away from the monstrous skyscraper Burj Khalifa, it may be the most striking architectural feat in the area.

To read more about buildings pushing the envelope in 2020, check out CNN.

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