Rapid Construction on Hospital in China to Combat Wuhan Coronavirus

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Robison Wells
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Two hospital in China are being special-built specifically to combat the dangerous coronavirus, and a new video from the construction company shows a time-lapse video of the breakneck construction.

Started only on January 24th, the hospital, which will cover 33,900 square meters (364,000 square feet) is expected to be fully functional on Feb 3rd.

As tens of millions are being placed under quarantine to keep them safe from the extremely contagious, deadly virus—which has closed many international airports—the hospitals are being built to beat this viral pneumonia-type virus.

In the time lapse video, workers, construction equipment, cement trucks, and all manner of vehicles are seeing working like a beehive around the superfast construction project. The video has garnered 50 million views since Thursday, January 30th, 2020.

This isn’t the first time that China has undertaken such an ambitious construction project to save lives. In 2003, the Xiaotangshan Hospital was built in seven days and admitted approximately one seventh of the country’s SARS patients, largely considered a modern day miracle in medicine.

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