Project Loses $60,000 After 23-Year-Old Daredevil Shuts Down Job Site

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Robison Wells
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A woman, Marisa Lazo, described by a friend as “adventurous,” shut down a large construction site in Toronto, Canada, after being found at 3:30am sitting on the hook of a crane some 45 meters above the ground.

It was unclear how she made it to the hook. Security camera footage shows her pacing back-and-forth near the fence, and then later a camera caught her climbing the crane (though, naturally, the camera was not pointed to watch the upper reaches of crane, it only shows her climbing three meters. As for reaching the hook, details are sketchy, though the firefighters who were tasked with getting her down guessed that she must have climbed to the top of the crane and then shimmied down the cable to the hook.

Once on the hook, she called down to passers-by, requesting rescue. It’s unclear whether that was her plan the whole time, or if she had some other escape planned. The crane operator insisted that he shouldn’t lower her with the hook, as her clothes could be caught in the pulleys.

Fire Captain, Rob Wonfor, climbed the crane and was lowered down to her in a harness. When he reached Lazo, she cooperated, and, once she was attached to the harness, was lowered to the ground.

Lazo engages in “rooftopping,” a fad where people will climb dangerous or secure areas, and then taking pictures of themselves to prove they’ve accomplished their audacious goals. Lazo’s Instagram account shows her on rooftops and train tracks. It’s unclear if she had an accomplice taking her picture this time.

She is charged with six counts of mischief. The construction company, whose 80 workers were not able to work that day, estimated their losses at around $50-60,000.

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