Power Supply for Off-Grid Construction is Moving Zero-Emission

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Robison Wells

Long a dream of those who are choosing to live and build off the grid, a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell is now available to supply heat and power. The first major introduction of the new technology is being implemented in the United Kingdom, but will have far reaching effects across the globe.

Siemens Energy said the technology would be installed in Linconshire, England, and would serve the Viking Link Interconnector project. The system is expected to provide power to the site for six to eight months and it would “provide enough heat and power for the construction village during that time, removing the need for diesel generators.”

The system is going to eventually use a technology known as “green hydrogen”, a hydrogen produced from renewable sources. The only by-product of the system was water, so there would be no emission of nitrogen oxides, which have been a problem at other hydrogen fuel cells.

“Diesel generation is a major contributor to highly damaging CO2, NOx, particulate, and water course pollution,” Andrew Cunningham, GeoPura’s managing director, said in a statement Thursday. GeoPura is a partner of Siemens Energy and was involved in the project’s development.

“This project shows that zero emission power generation has reached a point where it can viably replace off grid diesel generation and remove these health risks to the benefit of all.”

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