Pandemic Architecture: International Ideas Competition

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Robison Wells
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ArchDaily is sponsoring a design competition for designing a city in post-pandemic times—specifically, urban designs. We’ve seen all too well, from Italy to China to New York City, how a tightly-packed population can spread disease rapidly to devastating effect. It is with this in mind that the Pandemic Architecture Competition is being held to look for innovative new designs that manage to house many people while keeping them safe.

Some elements that will have to be considered are housing (where are you going to fit all those people), waste disposal (how will you get rid of contagious refuse), emergency services (how will you accommodate medical services for large populations in such a confined space), cemeteries (what will you do with the deceased).

The competition is open to urbanists, architects, designers, students, artists, performers and authors (you don’t have to be a professional urban designer to compete). Winning entries can be drawn from modern cities, ancient concepts, science fiction, or anything else.


1. Emergency design (City Strategies, Hospitals, Cemeteries, Sanitary Spaces etc)

2. Living (Homes, Workspaces, Apartments, Public Spaces, Hotels etc)

Submission Requirements

I. Material containing 3-10 images /drawings /renders / collages / animation

II. Text describing the concept (500 words)

III. 1 video narrative (2-3 minutes) of the authors explaining their concept in black and white

Questions to be answered in the video:

- Describe us your scenario/concept.

- Which questions does your proposal address?

- What Can Architecture Do for our Health?

- What role must and should have the architects facing public health emergencies?

The deliverables can only be submitted in digital files.


The evaluation of entries will be based on the following criteria:

- Innovation, originality, creativity of the proposal

- General impression and clarity of the overall concept

For more information, go to ArchDaily. The registration deadline is May 20th.

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