New York State Breaks Ground on First Offshore Wind Farm, But It Won’t Be the Last

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Last week, New York broke ground on its first offshore wind farm. The construction project represents the first step in a long list of the state’s energy projects. New York expects the South Fork Wind project off the coast of Long Island to operate by the end of 2023.

More wind-powered energy projects stand in the queue in New York than in any other state. Contractors currently work on five active developments. The South Fork Wind project will stand as one of the first commercial-scale offshore wind farms in North America, generating 130 megawatts (MW), enough to power 70,000 homes year-round.

Rhode Island and Virginia use offshore wind farms, but these only generate 42 MW.

Ørsted and Eversource plan to break ground on a much bigger project next year; developers estimate their Sunrise Wind project will generate 924 MW.

New York’s currently planned wind projects combined will generate over 4,300 MW of clean energy. In addition, Governor Kathy Hochul announced in January that she intends to set aside $500 million to fund supply chain and manufacturing for more offshore wind.

Thirty-five miles away from Montauk Point, Long Island, the South Fork Wind project will feature 12 turbines, each with blades longer than the Statue of Liberty. As a result, new York City looks forward to adding more clean energy to its power grid.

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