New Startup Claims to Automate 80% of Construction Work

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Robison Wells
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A new company, Mighty Buildings, has quietly been gaining $30 million in funding from a combination of investors, including Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, SV Angel, CoreVC and more. The company has made the eyebrow-raising claim that it can automate as much as 80% of the construction process.

Many companies have claimed to automate some aspects, and Mighty Buildings seems to be standing on the shoulders of those companies, with its focus on 3-D printed buildings, modular buildings, and off-site construction.

They say that it is “design-agnostic” and can create “everything from small complex components to panels to full-size volumetric modules,” they said in a press release.

3-D printing isn’t new to the construction industry. We’ve been writing on this blog about the process for at least four years. But it has been moving at a very rapid pace and becoming more and more reliable, efficient, and practical as a construction method.

The company says it can 3-D print and produce a 350 square foot studio apartment in just one day.

While still on a small scale, the company has been certified under UL 3401 standard to 3-D print buildings, and they have successfully completed two housing developments in San Ramon and San Diego, California.

Because of their extreme approach to automation, production costs—notably labor—are reduced significantly. The average price to build a home in California is $327 per square foot, but Mighty Buildings says they can produce homes for 45% less than that.

In a press release, Eric Migicovsky, from Y Combinator, an investor, said, “With a strong foundation in robotics, manufacturing, and sustainability, the Mighty Buildings founding team knows the different facets of the issues that face modern housing. Accessory dwelling units are just the start in further building out their unique approach to building.”

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