New Product Nexiite Efficient Alternative to Concrete

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Robison Wells
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The new Canadian company Nexii has created a material that is 33% more energy efficient than concrete and that allows for rapid construction of buildings—including small, medium, and large structures. Based in British Columbia, the company says its new building material, combined with an improved design and assembly process, allows for buildings that are cost-efficient, durable and even disaster-resistant.

So far 10 projects have been built with Nexiite, including a senior living facility, commercial buildings, and retrofitting projects, as well as single-family homes.

Officials say Nexii’s “whole building solution” has the potential to significantly reduce the construction sector’s impact on the environment and help tackle the global housing crisis.

“Nexii materials can be used for buildings of all heights and sizes, and are suitable for commercial/institutional/industrial, mixed-use, multi-family residential and single-family detached buildings, as well as for retrofitting existing buildings of all types,” according to the company website.

According to the World Green Building Council report, buildings and construction together account for 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Nexii says its products have greater thermal efficiency than concrete. Company modeling has shown that its buildings use 33% less energy to heat and cool than standard builds constructed to the same specifications.

The makeup of Nexiite is a closely guarded secret, something the CEO refers to as “the Coca-Cola secret syrup secret”, but it is a combination of sand, water and other undisclosed substances.

“Nexiite can be used as a sustainable alternative to concrete for certain building applications,” the company says. “It has comparable properties to concrete but it is not manufactured from lime or Portland cement, resulting in reduced end-to-end carbon emissions.”

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