New Law Allows Construction Workers to Flag Traffic Violators

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Robison Wells
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A new law in the state of Minnesota allows construction workers to flag traffic violators who are driving unsafely in construction zones.

The law, which went into effect this week, allows workers to report vehicles to authorities within four hours of the incident, after which police can issue a citation to the driver if they believe the claim to be credible.

Minnesota Governor, Tom Walz, said of the law: "Work zones are incredibly dangerous. The flaggers who are the first ones in those work zones in many places are at risk. This piece of legislation, just to let people know: You come into a work zone, and you disobey what the flaggers are doing, you put people at risk. Those flaggers are now empowered to take down that driver's license number, and you will be getting a talk-to by State Patrol."

Over the past three years, there were over 150 casualties in work zones in Minnesota, and this law is just one of several new traffic-related laws that will go into effect. Also, a new ban on cell phones was instituted, except for hands-free devices, and another law applies to slow drivers in the fast lane.

"Hands free, work zone safety, stay out of the left lane unless you're passing, pull over and give room to utilities and emergency vehicles—it's my hope that those become second nature, like buckling up when you get in the car," the Governor said.

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