New Jobsite Technology Can Help Contractors Avoid Lawsuits

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Robison Wells

Every contractor fears an unknown problem leading to a lawsuit, and new technologies are being introduced more and more to combat those fears and safeguard contractors. Three main categories of technologies are coming forward: scheduling software, 3D modeling tools, and data collection devices.

Because construction has historically been slow to adopt new technologies, it has also been open to more lawsuits, but the tide seems to be turning and the industry is moving toward technologies that can monitor jobsites, track work, and collect data. And as more in the industry are moving toward these technologies, prices of these have decreased and quality has improved, creating a win-win for contractors.

Jim Gallagher at Resolution Management said “The problem still is people know how to collect the data, but they don’t know what to do with the data, or they wait until it’s too late to use the data. There has to be a plan to use the data and to make it available.”

An example, highlighted in Construction Dive, is that new software may track jobsite activity, but that data may get filed away and stored without ever being reviewed, only to be pulled out in the event of a lawsuit. In fact, it behooves contractors to inspect the data regularly beforehand to make sure that there are no legal problems on the horizon.

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architects, engineers, and contractors a visual and data-driven insight into the jobsite, allowing all parties to be aware of all actions and plans at any time.

HH2’s own products fit this bill, particularly Time Entry and Reporting, and Daily Logs. By being able to capture jobsite data on a mobile device simply and easily, potential disputes can be anticipated and repaired before they get worse.

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