New Internet-of-Things Doorbell To Reduce Crime

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Robison Wells
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Ring, which claims to be the “world’s most popular doorbell,” has just announced the next generation of their groundbreaking product.

Ring is a doorbell with audio and video capabilities, so customers—or “Neighbors,” as Ring likes to call them—can see and talk to their visitors all on their smartphone. It may be that you’re upstairs and don’t want to walk down to the front door, but it may also be that you’re in a different state and want to appear like you’re home. You can give directions to delivery drivers, talk to friends, and question unsavory characters who show up on your porch.

In just a few years, Ring has acquired more than a million Neighbors. While the product is generally praised—many say that it adds extra safety and security—other people have worried that criminals are learning that most users are answering the door with audio because they’re not home, and that Ring is an easy way to scope a potential target.

Regardless, the new version of the device offers all the same things, only better: 1080HD video, adjustable motion sensors, and a rechargeable battery pack. The video has built-in nightvision, the motion sensors are refined to avoid false alarms, such as passing traffic, and the rechargeable batteries detach easily without needing to remove the device from the wall.

Ring states “The new Ring Doorbell 2 continues our mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods around the world. By putting the power of home security in the hands of homeowners, we can all work together to make our communities safer for all.”

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