New High Tech Rail Project Projected for Washington D.C.

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Robison Wells

The Federal Railroad Administration released information about the Baltimore-Washington Superconducting Maglev Project (SCMAGLEV), a future endeavor to build a Maglev train between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. The train would speed passengers between the two cities in as little as eight minutes.

The rail line will run approximately 40 miles. The train, which uses magnetic levitation to travel at extremely high speeds, will move at around 300 mph at its fastest point. Japan has recently used similar trains and reported excellent success. The Japanese plan to partially fund the SCMAGLEV. According to the Washington Post, Northeast Maglev, the investors behind SCMAGLEV, have secured $5 billion from the Japanese government. Private investors and federal grants will fill in the remaining required funding.

Project planners estimate that the SCMAGLEV could create as many as 195,000 construction jobs and cost $16.8 billion.

But the plan faces obstacles. The Purple Line, a different rail project, due to delays and ultimate cancellation, forced Maryland to pay a $250 million settlement to investors.

Similarly, the Central Valley Project, a California bullet train, struggles to gain the necessary easements. The group behind the project claim that delays might halt the $20 billion rail project. Alternately, Elon Musk has become involved in replacing a Las Vegas high-speed underground project with Tesla vehicles.

While the promise of many jobs with a large payout looks suitable for the SCMAGLEV, the project certainly faces its share of hurdles.

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