New Construction Technology Buildots Uses Computer Vision

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Robison Wells

Buildots, a new technology firm, eponymously named after the new invention they’ve created, announced this week that it has raised $16 million in funding.

The technology, based out of both Israel and London, uses a hardhat mounted 360-degree camera to give a constant stream of the overview of the state of construction. Software then synthesizes what is viewed on the cameras, digitizes it, and creates a 3D model of the job site that is always up-to-date. This type of technology (real-time 3D modelling) is not new, but where Buildots goes a step further is by comparing the 3D model to the existing digital blueprints. This can show something as detailed as when an electrical outlet is missing or when a sink has not been installed.

“Buildots have been able to solve a challenge that for many seemed unconquerable, delivering huge potential for changing the way we complete our projects,” said Tidhar’s Geva in a statement to TechCrunch. “The combination of an ambitious vision, great team and strong execution abilities quickly led us from being a customer to joining as an investor to take part in their journey.”

Roy Danon, the CEO, makes an argument that the construction industry is really no different than the manufacturing industry, albeit with what he calls “outdate control and process management systems”. His goal is to update that control and process management to be fully digitized and streamline the industry into a more manufacturing-like world.

The company’s big launch has stalled because of the pandemic, but with the new seed money the company of 35 employees expects to begin more rigorous trials soon.

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