New Construction Labor Marketplace Gains Silicon Valley Funding

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Robison Wells

Core, a new app and online site, is designed to connect construction laborers with contractors and builders in need of workers. It has gotten the eye of several influential Silicon Valley investors.

Co-founded by Di-Ann Eisnor, formerly of Waze, Core was designed to help fill the labor shortages that are so frequent across all areas of the construction industry. Eisnor was the child of a family of workers and truckers and carried that background with her into the software development world, first at Waze (an app designed to help traffic flow better) and now into Core.

The app has just received $4 million in funding from Pete Flint at NFX and John Lyman at Google and the investors Rob Hayes and Caterina Fake, whose investing credentials include Flickr, Uber, and Twitter.

Said Eisnor in a press release: “Silicon Valley needs to do better. We need to work with the industry to support the trades. We need technology to serve workers, enhance our strength and speed, and keep us safer. The construction industry certainly doesn’t need us to tell them how to do their work better, but they do want tools—this industry is teeming with innovation and excitement, and the time is now.”

Although comparisons have been made to LinkedIn, investors say that Core is different because it includes practical skills assessments and matching talent to tasks.

“The trade workers are the ones who should benefit from career development, more money, and more access,” Eisnor said. “In Silicon Valley, we do two things well, solve problems with technology and focus on workers with career development and incentives—this is what we want to bring to the table.”

No date has been announced for the launch of the app.

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