New Artificial Intelligence App Preventing Earthquake-Related Deaths

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Rob Wells

As the founders of Build Change claim, it’s not the earthquake that kills people; it’s the collapse of poorly built structures. With the release of their new Intelligence Supervision Assistant for Construction app, they hope to save lives with open-source artificial intelligence.

Builders usually focus on materials and engineering when constructing “earthquake-proof” buildings; this brings challenges to emerging economies with a lack of building expertise.

Build Change’s app offers a how-to guide for building a solid structure from materials available in the developing world. For example, buildings can rest on massive rollers or springs in dangerous earthquake zones.

According to Build Change’s press release: “ISAC-SIMO has amazing potential to radically improve construction quality and ensure that homes are built or strengthened to a resilient standard, especially in areas affected by earthquakes, windstorms, and climate change.

“We’ve created a foundation from which the open-source community can develop and contribute different models to enable this tool to reach its full potential. The Linux Foundation, building on the support of IBM over these past three years, will help us build this community.”

Not every Third World builder may have access to an engineer, but they can access free, advanced structural techniques with a smartphone.

The app was runner up for the Call to Code challenge, an open-source development competition run by IBM, The Linux Foundation, and other partners.

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