Employee Spotlight: Bryan Stapley - Sales Associate

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Robison Wells
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Introducing the newest member of our sales team, Bryan Stapley. Bryan is a Utah native, but he has lived in many places across the U.S. and abroad. He joined hh2 in 2019, and he is so excited about the opportunity to work in software for the construction industry.

Bryan was born and raised in Northern Utah. He attended Weber State University (WSU) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in professional sales. He chose to study at WSU to pursue his passion for sales, and the university is one of a select few that offer a professional sales program. Bryan loves sales as it allows him to work in any field or industry. “Henry Ford famously said, ‘Nothing happens until someone sells something,” quoted Bryan.

Bryan has also lived outside of his home state and has spent time in Belize, Kansas and Missouri. While in Belize, he lived in a grass thatch off of the river and enjoyed the culture and traditions of the locals. Bryan expressed that his time in Belize allowed him to find himself and help identify what mattered most in his life. Shorty after living in Belize, he served a two-year volunteer mission and lived in Kansas and Missouri. Bryan enjoyed many aspects about the Midwest, but his favorite aspects of this experience were the amazing storms, awesome people and the barbeque!

After returning to Utah, Bryan married his childhood sweetheart and bestfriend, Nicole, in 2012. The couple share two young boys together, Easton and Owen, and a “wonderfully loud” mini goldendoodle, Max. His family is his whole world, and he loves spending time with them!

Bryan came to hh2 Cloud Services after being highly recommended by Britton Bauer. Prior to hh2, he owned and operated a chain of cell phone stores, which he sold in 2013. Bryan also has experience in the manufacturing, wholesale and online retail industries. His favorite part about working at hh2 is the amazing opportunities he has to connect with customers every day.

To learn more about hh2’s cloud-based solutions, reach out to Bryan by visiting our website, www.hh2.com, or call us at 1-877-442-9327.

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