2018 Year in Review at hh2

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Robison Wells
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2018 brought big changes across the globe, and it was no different here at hh2 Cloud Services. This year was filled with conferences, new product releases and feature updates across multiple platforms and solutions. hh2 is so excited about what our amazing employees have accomplished, and we are thrilled about the opportunities we have to share our hard work with our customers. Here is our year in review!

hh2 Exhibits at Trade Shows

hh2 staff throughout the office had the opportunity to showcase our cloud-based solutions to potential and existing customers at trade shows across the U.S. over the year. Members from our sales, marketing and support teams loved meeting everyone at the conferences.

"It is always so fun to see everyone and put a 'face to the name' since we never have the opportunity to meet our clients in person, except for these trade shows,” said Kevin Hadley, vice president of sales at hh2 Cloud Services. “We love our customers and appreciate their wonderful comments about our software and the services that we provide here at hh2.”

hh2 began the year by exhibiting at World of Concrete in Las Vegas in January. This was the first year hh2 was able to participate at this trade show. In May, hh2 traveled to Orlando, Florida where we were able to exhibit at the 2018 TUG National Users Conference. hh2 had a huge presence at this show, and we were able to connect with current customers and demonstrate our solutions to potential customers. hh2 returned to Florida in June to exhibit at CFMA’s annual conference in Miami Beach.

In the fall, hh2 traveled to Ohio where our vice president of marketing, vice president of sales and a sales associate exhibited at the Foundation Software User Conference for the first time. In addition, hh2 sent the CEO, multiple vice presidents, sales, marketing and support staff to the 2018 Procore Groundbreak conference in Austin, Texas. Overall, it was a great year for hh2 exhibiting at multiple trade shows, and we are so excited for the opportunities that 2019 will bring.

New Product Releases

hh2 began the year busy at work developing a new data collecting solution, Data Drop. This new solution was released during the spring and provides a combined reporting database by extracting data from hh2, Procore and Sage 300 CRE. Data Drop syncs seamlessly in the background by pulling data continuously on a scheduled sync or on demand. With access to your favorite reporting service, you can run the reports you need, when you need them.

More recently, hh2 has been working tirelessly to develop a new accounts payable solution for our customers, Document Flow. hh2 Document Flow allows users to take control of their invoices, credit card expenses, reimbursements and purchasing workflow. hh2 previewed Document Flow at the Groundbreak conference in November, and we are so excited to roll it out in the coming months.  

Product Enhancements and Updates

In addition to the development of new cloud-based solutions, hh2 also added product enhancements to our existing solutions throughout 2018. Most notably, our flagship solution, hh2 Remote Payroll, received updates to include improvements to our punch-based system, along with GPS functionality. hh2 Human Resources received a major update, as well. Now, users have the ability to schedule benefits to begin or expire at a future date.

hh2 also updated two of our mobile solutions to include support for multiple users. This feature gives users the ability to easily navigate from one site to the next without having to log out and log back in. This update is available via a user icon on the mobile apps for Remote Payroll and Document Flow.

2018 was a fantastic year for hh2. We are so excited for all of the new developments and opportunities that 2019 will bring, and we hope you’ll be there with us. To learn more about any of our new or existing solutions, visit us online at www.hh2.com. To stay up to date with the latest news, like and follow us on Facebook! Happy holidays!

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