Modular Home Construction Has Gone High Class

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Robison Wells
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Most think of modular home development as high production of low-cost structures. But a report in The Real Deal cites a movement toward high-end customers in this space. Modular construction entices luxury buyers with quick turnaround times.

Buyers like to make changes on the fly, adjusting aspects of designs after construction begins; modular home development offers this flexibility. Discerning buyers want the convenience that comes with rapid construction.

One such modular home in Bridgehampton, New York, has seven bedrooms, a pool house, and just sold for $4.7 million. The Seattle-based modular home builder Method Homes says they’ve seen a 50% increase in sales in the last year alone. As a result, they had to build a new factory to keep up with demand.

In addition to rapid construction, luxury home buyers like the lower cost, especially with the labor shortage. So buyers consider it a win if they quickly get a less expensive house amid supply and labor shortages.

In recent years, Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, launched a modular home construction business called MiTek. Also, Elon Musk lives in a 375 square-foot modular tiny house.

Flexibility, price, and rapid construction—attractive benefits for even the most discriminating home buyers—continue to drive sales in the modular home construction industry.

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