Massive Manhattan Construction Project Moves Madison Square Garden and Penn Station

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Robison Wells
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A massive construction project in Midtown Manhattan has advanced one stage closer in the approval process. The project would not only build two “supertall” skyscrapers; it would move Madison Square Garden and convert the former Garden into a spacious Penn Station.

Vishaan Chakrabarti, founder of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism (PAU), initially proposed the plan in 2016. The Community Board Five’s Land Use, Housing, and Zoning Committee voted on the project last week.

The project would gut Madison Square Garden but leave its cylindrical exterior somewhat intact, transforming it into a massive atrium with a ceiling 153 feet above rows of elevators and stairs that would lead down into a renovated Penn Station. Penn Station currently exists in that location; this project would be a significant expansion.

Madison Square Gardens would move east toward Herald Square, situated on an 8-acre plot currently consisting of two city blocks. The plot would be between two supertall skyscrapers. The entire project is expected to cost $13 billion, but $3 billion of that would be generated in revenue from the move of Madison Square Garden.

No word has been given on a timeline for the project.

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