Long Island Industrial District Being Reinvigorated as Green Space

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Robison Wells
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Westbury, New York, officials are rezoning a degraded industrial sector near the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) into a sprawling green space, in an effort to increase sustainability.

“The idea here is not to create a new downtown,” Mayor Peter Cavallaro said. “The idea is really to create a new center of energy, which will continue to feed and make Post Avenue healthy and keep it healthy, and thereby keep the community healthy.”

The rezoning is part of a $10 million dollar plan to introduce more low income housing and make the village of Westbury more friendly to its senior population, as well as attract young professionals to the community.

“You can’t put your head in the sand, and you can’t wish it was 1950 again,” Cavallaro said. “We are trying to look forward. And we are trying to … make our village sustainable and successful 50 years from now, not just 10 years from now.”

The proposed plan calls for rezoning 50 acres of land north of the LIRR, to bolster business, expand the tax base, and keep the community sustainable in the long run.

“I consider this to be the greatest milestone for the village since its incorporation in 1932,” said Mastroianni, who immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1956. “That code was made to serve an agricultural community in 1932 when it was adopted. We have changed since 1932.”

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