Level 10 Construction Hits Historic Safety Milestone

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Robison Wells

On February 12, exactly one year after the California-based company, Level 10 Construction, announced it had reached 6 million man-hours worked without a lost-time incident, they announced the next milestone: 7-million hours and seven straight years without a lost-time incident.

This is a notable achievement, especially during 2020 when lost time incidents include the spread of COVID-19 cases, which construction companies must report. The Sunnyvale company attributes its achievement to spending "significant time, energy, and resources on ensuring that everyone on and near their job sites is 100% safe at all times."

Level 10 Construction has received a top honor from the California Construction Employment Association (CEA) for every year they have been in business.

"Our safety awards and statistics prove the effectiveness of our safety program," says Safety Director Larry Fabbro in a press release. "Safety is always our top priority, but with COVID-19, it is even more critical. We continually train our people in our COVID-19 plan and immediately notify them when changes or updates are announced, which come often."

Level 10, a full-service contractor, works in corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality, technology, and residential markets.

Over 100 premier union-affiliated building contractors in California make up the CEA.

With a commitment to Safety and the awards to back it up, Level 10 Construction employees can be assured that they are working in one of the safest construction environments possible.

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