In Addition to Loss of Trade Workers, the Construction Industry Also Needs Architects

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Robison Wells
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Ten years ago when the economy dropped, not only did many workers leave the industry, but many students fled the architecture and surveying programs in college. Now, when those students would normally be maturing in the job field, there is a stunning lack of experienced and new people to fill those roles.

Recruiters say they are having trouble filling roles, and that salaries of senior-level architects has risen ten percent.

A Higher Education Survey in Great Britain showed that 82 per cent of engineering, manufacturing and construction graduates were in employment within nine months of leaving college – one of the highest figures for any sector. Engineering, manufacturing and construction graduates had the second highest starting salaries within nine months of graduation.

Apprentice programs for construction industry roles are also increasing and there are opportunities in brick and stonelaying, carpentry and joinery, plumbing, painting and decorating, stonecutting and stonemasonry, as well as wood manufacturing and finishing. Unlike traditional college courses, apprentices earn money while they learn, according to the Irish Times.

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