Employee Spotlight: Sidney Coleman - Customer Service Specialist

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Robison Wells
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Introducing Sidney Coleman, one of hh2 Cloud Services’ customer service specialists! Sidney is a part of the customer support team and has been at hh2 since April of 2018. Current customers may have had the opportunity to speak with Sidney, who helps resolve customer concerns and conducts hh2 Synchronization Client installations. She is excited to be featured as this month’s employee spotlight!

Sidney grew up in Flint, Michigan and moved to Utah after joining the United States Air Force after graduating from high school. She joined the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft controller where she controlled aircraft in hazardous environments. She was stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Northern Utah where she spent six years serving her country. During her service, she was deployed twice.

Prior to leaving the U.S. Air Force, she met her husband, a United States marine, while he was on leave visiting family in Utah. The couple dated for a year prior to getting married. Due to their orders, they were stationed at two different bases in different states. Because of this, they were married for two years before they were able to live together. The two recently had their first child together, a son born in early 2019. They also have two dogs, a female German Shepherd, named Rooney, and a male Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, named Murphy.

In addition to her full-time job at hh2, Sidney also is a full-time student at Weber State University (WSU) in Ogden, Utah. She is pursuing a degree in management information systems. In her free time, you can catch Sidney studying and spending time with her husband and dogs. Prior to changing her major, she was studying radiology with the hopes of working in the medical field. She likes WSU because of its proximity to her home and job.

As a child, Sidney wanted to become a nurse or middle/high school counselor. However, after working in her current role, she has decided to pursue a career more closely related to IT. She loves her position at hh2 because it allows her to develop a deeper understanding of IT and work closely with customers. What she loves most about hh2 is how close everyone in the company is and the room for growth. To learn more about hh2’s cloud-based solutions for construction, visit www.hh2.con to schedule a free demo!

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