How Mobile Devices Can Effectively Improve Your Construction Business

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Robison Wells
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Mobile technology has enhanced our personal lives in many ways. We are able to FaceTime with our grandparents from across the country or with our children away at college. We no longer have to carry our cell phones, digital cameras and a notepad around with us. Instead, our smartphones give us these tools in an all-in-one solution. While the impacts of mobile technology are obvious when we are away from the office, its influences in the construction industry are pretty amazing.

Flexibility. Because managers are using task accomplishment as the primary measure of productivity instead of time spent in the office, employee schedules are becoming more flexible. Mobile technology allows employees to be productive whether they are in the office, on a job site or at home. They are able to complete their projects on their tablets while they’re on the move.

Portability. While laptops have become lighter and more compact, they still can’t beat the ease of carrying around a tablet. Employees can take notes in company meetings with their tablets instead of hauling around their laptops. Smartphones are also becoming more widely accepted on construction job sites as a means for time entry, field reports and more. At hh2, our Remote Payroll solution gives workers the ability to enter their time on their desktop, tablet and even their smartphones.

In an article in CostructConnect (, the author explains why using mobile phones benefits your subcontractors and employees, “With [a] simple app, you can save on labor by preventing employees from time rounding and even mitigate against time theft. You’ll also save money by switching to a paperless process that allows your back office to quickly complete payroll and increase your understanding of the true labor costs associated with the projects your firm works on.”

Availability. Mobile technology allows us to easily take our work home with us. We are available to answer our co-workers concerns more easily. If a time-sensitive issue arises in the workplace or out in the field, the problem can be handled much faster than if we didn’t have access to mobile technology like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Communication. Effective communication is truly one of the most important factors to a successful workplace. Mobile technology enhances communication tenfold. hh2 takes advantage of mobile tech by using tablets to video call remote employees into company meetings. In the field, it's important to have effective means of communication for project management and safety.

“The construction site is a fast-moving place. With so many moving parts and some much at stake, accurate communication is a priority. Unfortunately, it’s an area where construction professionals have struggled as a whole. However, with mobile devices, there’s a great ability for real time communications via chat applications. Also, daily reports can be written and delivered onsite, increasing efficiency and accuracy,” reads an article on (

Is your construction company utilizing the power of mobile technology? If not, it may be a good time to start! To learn about hh2’s full suite of cloud-based solutions and how we can help your business collaborate more effectively, call 801-683-7869 or

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