How Employee Recognition Lends to a Better Job Site

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Robison Wells
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When is the last time you said thank you to your employees? Studies show it pays off! A recent study conducted by the University of Warwick shows that employees who feel recognized are happier in the workplace, trust their supervisors and show more company loyalty.

Employees who are happy at work are 12 percent more productive (  According to the study, “The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality,” said Dr. Daniel Sgroi, Department of Economics professor at the university.

When supervisors acknowledge their employee’s efforts in the workplace, the employee feels valued. This value lends to the employee’s overall happiness, and it can even lead to a better, happier home life, as well.

In addition to employee happiness, recognition goes a long way for building an atmosphere of trust between employees and their supervisors. Teams that work effectively typically have this atmosphere. In construction, there are many people who work together to accomplish their goals. After a long day of working at a job site, employees who are recognized by their construction foreman feel more trusting towards their supervisors. Good working environments are built on trust and make for a more productive job site.

“Unsurprisingly, nearly 90 percent of employees who received recognition or thanks from their boss in the past month indicated higher levels of trust in that boss. Among employees who received no recognition, only 48 percent indicated they trusted their higher-ups,” reads an article in Forbes (

A simple thank you also helps employees want to stay with their company and contribute to its successes.

“When asked why they decided to switch to a different career, the vast majority of employees represented in a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics report indicated they felt either a lack of respect or a lack of autonomy. With a little bit of recognition, you can reverse these trends and keep your talent around for much longer,” reads the same article.

While National Employee Appreciation Day is March 4 every year, supervisors should make it a priority to make their employees feel appreciated and recognized every day.

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