How Artificial Intelligence is Helping the Construction Industry Save Time, Cost and Lives

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Robison Wells
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It’s no surprise that the construction industry is benefiting in large parts from artificial intelligence (AI). A new job within the industry, a data scientist, is using AI to their advantage. Software and computing systems are able to analyze and predict information far beyond what used to be thought possible. Those working in the construction sector and university research labs are using this AI by working on technology that will improve efficiency and save lives on the job site.

According to an article on MIT Technology Review titled, “AI could help the construction industry work faster—and keep its workforce accident-free” (, Suffolk (, a general contractor located in Boston, is developing AI that can identify possible safety hazards before they occur. This technology has the ability to boost productivity and, ultimately, save lives.

“The company is still fine-tuning the technology but says it could potentially compute ‘risk ratings’ for projects so safety briefings can be held when an elevated threat is detected,” said the article.

In an article on Construction Dive titled, “AI tool promises 15% reduction in construction time, costs” (, a start up called ALICE Technologies at Stanford University is using AI to crunch numbers to improve construction schedules.

“It starts with a human scheduler, who draws from his or her experience and collaborates with stakeholders such as the project owner, superintendent, subcontractors, architects and engineers to spell out the scope of the project for the tool in a ‘rule set,” expressed the article. From here, ALICE uses this information to create millions of scheduling scenarios in just a few minutes. The rule set that ALICE creates also has the ability to be altered based on changes that occur in the project.

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